Client Work / Publications

I have been working and collaborating with musicians and artists all over the world to produce the best photographs for their websites, social media pages and magazines.

I am Kinni

Kinni is a german musician residing in Sydney. She has a flair like no one I have ever met before, truly contagious! I shot these photographs for her social media page in 2018 so that she could expand her variety on Instagram.



Kay is an energy healer who works with Reiki healing and coaching as well as crystal healing. Kay is so passionate in her work and wanted to portray that through her website to her customers. I was happy to help and managed to create images where she can radiate off the screen.

Sofar Sounds - New York City

Working with Sofar Sounds was an absolute dream come true. Every week theres pop up shows in different locations with new artists every week. I took photos and produced videos for them too for about 6 months before I relocated.

Interview with Expat parent Magazine.

I had the pleasure of having an interview with @beyondthehighrise back in 2017 just after I launched my first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. The article follows me through how I started photography and how it got me to where I am today.

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Soap opera fanzine - collaboration with Francesca Giatti

Francesca is a producer from Italy who has worked at Milan fashion week and has produced work for Vogue. I have been working with the last 9 months, we have been shooting together and her work was published in Soap Opera Fanzine which included a small article about my own work.

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